Monkey Kit – Flexible Stand for Tablets


Use your tablet anywhere. With Monkey Kit – Flexible Stand for Tablets you can enjoy your tablet outside, in car, in park, in kitchen, in the office, on the beach etc..

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PERFECT! For anyone who is wondering: This WILL hold a 1st generation iPad just as well as it does the iPad Air. The 1st generation iPad is just a bit heavier, but honestly there isn't too much difference at all and it will most definitely hold it just as securely as with the iPad Air. In fact, now I wish I had 2 Spider Monkeys for both my iPads!Like many other reviewers, I bought this because I have painful neck & back issues, it even hurts to hold the iPad in my hands. I spend much of my days in a reclined position, but I also move around a lot from couch to bed, tossing & turning, etc. So I wanted something easy to carry around with me and also easy to quickly readjust to different positions throughout the day.There are so many ways to adjust and "anchor" the tail. And, as flexible and easy as the tail is to adjust, it is also surprisingly strong! The claws are also very secure! I have no concerns of the the tablets slipping out at all, even if carrying it around face down by the tail. The main thing is to ensure the tablet is secured into the clamps properly -following the simple instructions that come with the Spider Monkey.My only regret is that the "tail" isn't longer because I'd love to sometimes lay flat on my back and have the tablet facing straight down at me. It certainly is strong enough to hold such a position, but just too short to achieve it without having the tablet right in front of your nose. But, I'm working on maybe getting something set up where I can suspend this from the ceiling.What a fantastic, easy & well designed item. This was very much worth the investment!
J. M. - January 20, 2015
I would give it five stars, but the flexible part isn't that big, so I can't get it much lower on my exercise bike (recumbent). The iPad's camera is right in front of my face, which is okay, I guess, but I would like it a bit lower, but as you can see from the pictures, that's not possible and also have be as stable as it is. If I stretch it out, it droops. It likes to be coiled pretty tight, it seems. Unless I am doing something wrong.Perhaps someone could offer a suggestion in the comments, after looking at my photos. (Excuse the mess, but it's the exercise place.)
Readin' and Rockin' - February 2, 2015
I put off buying this for a long time. The price was higher than I wanted, and it seemed like such a frivolous purchase. But now that I've gotten it, I LOVE it, and wish I'd bought it sooner. My laptop got too old and slow, and rather than buying a new one, I decided to get an iPad and use that as my primary device. I got a bluetooth keyboard as well for ultimate portability. But there are only so many positions you can get into on the couch or in a cafe when writing for a while, and eventually I would quit not because I was done, but because my neck and back hurt. This has completely fixed that issue. It works great for what I wanted -- an easier way to type -- and also for allowing me to be as lazy and slouched on the couch as possible while still having Netflix right in my face. I LOVE it.I use an Origami case, and it's almost a bit too much for the claws, but it works with some finagling. It's also a little too big for my purse -- previously, I'd been able to throw my iPad and bluetooth keyboard into my purse and go anywhere, but it's harder to manipulate this into the purse. But that's a small issue. I generally know the days where I'll have time to sit down somewhere and write, so I throw it in my backseat on those days.
Squeaky - October 16, 2016

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