Prong PocketPlug – Indigenous Plug In iPhone Case


Prong PocketPlug iPhone CaseThis sleek, black plug in iPhone case complements your handset perfectly. Its integrated and cordless wall charger is portable since it folds flat and provides you hours of usage within minutes. The micro USB board, no shipping charges, and enhanced audio quality give you perfect value for your money, and make the product a ‘must have’ for people on the move.

-iPhone case with an integrated wall charger
-Flat Folding Plugs for Maximum Portability – The plugs are easily deployed and retracted with the flick of a finger. When the charger is not being used the plugs fold flat.
-Micro USB Port – A micro USB pass-through lets you charge your iPhone with a micro USB cord…if you have one handy. If not, you’ll always have your PocketPlug with you to recharge your phone.
-Enhanced Audio – The PocketPlug is designed to enhance the quality of the iPhone’s speaker and microphone. By redirecting the sound from the speaker towards the front of the phone the case allows the user to experience much louder and clearer audio.
-Quick Charging Technology – The PocketPlug was engineered with the most advanced charging technology on the market to ensure a super fast charge in the most portable possible form factor. In just minutes you can charge your phone and be on your way.


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