Solar Roadways!


Solar Roadways is an innovative and futuristic modular paving system of solar panels designed to generate electricity while serving its basic purpose. Able to withstand huge weights, this system can accommodate any heavy-duty truck without any trouble. These panels can easily be installed on literally any surface exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. In terms of resistance, the panels have been tested for traction, load testing, and impact resistance and they passed with flying colors.

Due to the fact that they generate electricity, these panels pay for themselves in the long run. This electricity can be used to power homes and businesses alike, as long as they’re connected through driveways and parking lots. There’s also the green element to think about. A nationwide system such as this could produce a lot more renewable energy than a country has use for. Not only is the extra power useful, but the fact that it is 100% clean and renewable speaks volumes about the importance of such a system in the first place.

Solar Roadways also features heating elements to prevent the panels from freezing during the cold season. It also uses LEDs to make road lines and signals more visible, as well as an attached Cable Corridor that stores and treats rain water along with providing coverage for the power cables. The EVs will charge themselves with solar energy, and as soon as roadway system is in place, it might also be used to charge vehicles while driving with the help of mutual induction technology.



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